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Business Accounting Services

We realized that clients may need more than one service and that its difficult to juggle multiple places that handle different aspects of your [...]


United Accounting and Financial Services, LLC offers complete bookkeeping outsourcing which would allow you to concentrate solely on your [...]

Payroll Services

United Accounting & Financial Service, LLC has one special service you will find that not many accounting firms provide and that’s payroll. [...]

Sales Tax

United Accounting & Financial Services will be accountable for the collection of tax-related information. Sales tax is a tax on goods and [...]

Income Taxes

United Accounting and Financial Services, LLC provides both businesses and individuals with income tax preparation services, locally or out of [...]

Opening a New Business

Looking to open a new business? We can help from the beggining to the end of the process. Our goal in offering these services is to eliminate any [...]

Cash Flow Management

Cash Management is an accounting term that refers to the process of managing or safeguarding and tracking the cash in your business. This is [...]

IRS Tax Problem Resolution

Received a notice from the IRS? United Accounting & Financial Services can work on your behalf. Our services to resolve Internal Revenue [...]

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